Silly question!  Of course we know what a garden is!  But mostly, don’t we think of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs and trees?  Mostly plants?  

We all love fresh vegetables!

And we admire beautiful flowers!

But Dr. Tae Yun Kim, with the example of her own gorgeous garden, knows better.

Even plants we think of as weeds, have their own beauty.


Dr. Tae Yun Kim knows that without some animals gardens would not work so well.  This little helper makes sure everyone gets pollinated, especially our fruit trees.

and this little hero makes sure that not too many mosquitos and other pesky insects survive:


Dr. Tae Yun Kim doesn’t like to see these too much, but a few here and there are ok, because they remind her of her childhood when her family was so poor that she had to catch and eat crickets to stay alive!

There is of course so much more to a garden, but doesn’t this make you think?  Especially when you go outside and look deeper into the beauty of the outdoors?