Tae Yun Kim – Seven Steps to Inner Power

Create Your Own Future

Not being affected by your past and letting it dictate who you are, is something I like to remind myself of every day. You have to look past yourself and reach deeper to find who you really are and what you stand for. This is no easy task. Letting go of your past is... read more

LA Korean Festival – Come to get a signed book!

Are you ready to sing and dance? Let’s celebrate! The 45th LA Korean Festival is from Oct. 4th-7th! @KSHMR will be performing on Oct.5th and @DEANTRBL will perform on Oct. 6th! Don’t miss out!  #tykcando #universalheart #togethernessLA #hecandoshecandowhynotme... read more

Capture the Positive Momentum

If you find yourself growing more and more uncomfortable with your negative emotions, if they are annoying distractions to the little flame of peace and well-being starting to glow within you, if you find yourself wanting to nurture even the smallest, most quiet feeling of self-appreciation, if you find yourself wanting, really wanting, to be happy within yourself, you are feeling your Silent Master. You have already met each other. Now you can know that this little manifestation of real feeling is destined to unfold into the whole consciousness of love, peace, harmony, and creative power.

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Flow Like Water

The second concept that is helpful to keep in mind as you get to know your real self and uncover more of your inner power is this:  Always leave the door open to change.  Don’t limit yourself or settle into a comfortable niche.  Your desires, your tastes, your... read more

Find Your Own Identity

I am here to tell you that what you have experienced so far in your life is not “it.” It’s not the end of the story. With the right tools in hand, you can break away from that limited thinking and find a new identity—your own identity. That is why I want to tell you a... read more

What’s Holding you Back?

“Training in the Martial Arts changed my life. It requires discipline, determination, patience, builds confidence & a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It teaches you how to overcome mental & physical obstacles. Overall it builds inner peace & inner... read more

Fight For Freedom

You must fight for your freedom. Thus, the purpose of the art of Jung SuWon is to give you practical tools to free yourself from limiting, self-defeating states of mind.  Free yourself, from yourself.  Discover your Silent Master. By Dr. Tae Yun... read more

Goodreads Give-A-Way Contest

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, completely rewrote her new version of the SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER book with the emphasis on: How to Break Through to Awesome.  I find it to be an incredible book.  See the Book give-a-way contest on the Goodreads website and read it... read more

2018 goals?

How’s your 2018 going so far? Have the past five years of your life brought you what you want in life? Or are you just drifting through life, only to find out today, that your time was mostly wasted? You can start changing right now.   See my new version of SEVEN... read more