The second concept that is helpful to keep in mind as you get to know your real self and uncover more of your inner power is this:  Always leave the door open to change.  Don’t limit yourself or settle into a comfortable niche.  Your desires, your tastes, your goals, your direction — all that may change, but your original essence will remain the same.  In other words, as you explore who you are and where you want to go in your life, remember that every day is new.  

What you don’t like today, you may end up loving six months from now or in five years or in twenty years.  If you always define yourself by your current likes and dislikes and character traits, you don’t leave the door open to discovering something new and beautiful about life and about yourself that may not have been ready to emerge six months ago or five years ago or twenty years ago.

Instead, be flexible and flow like water.

Water is always water.  Its essence is the same, but it takes the shape of the container you put it into.  If you pour water into a round soup bowl, it takes the round shape.  If you put it into a tall, narrow vase, it is the same water but it changes shape again.  We are like that water, and our surrounding environment is like the container.  We may have to adapt to change surroundings or circumstances, but the essence of our original self remains the same. That means that we need to give ourselves room to breathe, to grow, to explore, and to allow new expressions of our true self to emerge.  We can’t do that if we take a stubborn, self-critical, or self-limiting attitude and say, “I’m never going to do that because that’s just not who I am.”

Seven Steps to Inner Power – How to Break Through to Awesome, pg 55 by Grandmaster Dr. Tae Yun Kim.