Tae Yun Kim’s Life Wisdom in the Garden

  • Winter WonderlandIts not only a New Year, but a new decade!  It started with a bang for Dr. Tae Yun Kim!  Let’s see what is happening in her garden. Even a thistle can look so gorgeous! And here is a rose with a snow hat!»

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Healthy Foods Inspired by Tae Yun Kim

  • Happy Healthy New Year!To celebrate the New Year – even New Decade – don’t we need some special foods to celebrate with? In Korea, Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s birth country, traditionally you celebrate the Lunar New Year, and you pay respect to your ancestors and eat rice cakes, and rice cake soup; and you follow many traditions.»

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Tae Yun Kim – Seven Steps to Inner Power

  • Learn from your mistakes, and let go!Mistakes:  Yes, people do make mistakes and hurt others. We all make mistakes. But you never need to condemn yourself or anyone else over and over again for those mistakes. Learn whatever you need to, let it go, and then move on to create a new reality.»

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