Tae Yun Kim’s Life Wisdom in the Garden

  • The most important time is now!  For a moment, the world was inside a raindrop... Why is the present moment the most important? Most people would argue, that history is important, or the day you got married was the most important, and so on.»

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Healthy Foods Inspired by Tae Yun Kim

  • New Years Resolutions for 2019After Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Celebrations, sometimes our clothes don't fit like they used to before, and we realize that we ate according to taste and comfort more than for health.   So here we are, armed with New Years goals and resolutions.  Are you ready to take charge and only eat foods that are good for you? Dr.»

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Tae Yun Kim – Seven Steps to Inner Power

  • Create Your Own FutureNot being affected by your past and letting it dictate who you are, is something I like to remind myself of every day. You have to look past yourself and reach deeper to find who you really are and what you stand for. This is no easy task.»

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