Tae Yun Kim’s Life Wisdom in the Garden

  • Grateful for the Little ThingsThis time of year, I should write about the incredible harvest in the garden, and sure enough, Dr. Tae Yun Kim's vegetable garden is growing out of bounds!   So when I was walking through the garden, admiring the beautiful ripe zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more, I also noticed some weeds side by side with the vegetables.»

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Healthy Foods Inspired by Tae Yun Kim

  • Food and your environment, part 1  We need best quality, great tasting food, and a variety of it, to stay well nourished.  But, that's not enough!  When does your food taste the best, and gives you all its nutrition?   Dr. Tae Yun Kim explains that when you are in a positive environment, with people you love, food tastes best, and unlocks its nutrients the most.»

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Tae Yun Kim – Seven Steps to Inner Power

  • Learn from your mistakes, and let go!Mistakes:  Yes, people do make mistakes and hurt others. We all make mistakes. But you never need to condemn yourself or anyone else over and over again for those mistakes. Learn whatever you need to, let it go, and then move on to create a new reality.»

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