Tae Yun Kim’s Life Wisdom in the Garden

Winter Wonderland

Its not only a New Year, but a new decade!  It started with a bang for Dr. Tae Yun Kim!  Let’s see what is happening in her garden. Even a thistle can look so gorgeous! And here is a rose with a snow hat! Even a flower past her prime looks beautiful covered in ice... read more

Grateful for the Little Things

This time of year, I should write about the incredible harvest in the garden, and sure enough, Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s vegetable garden is growing out of bounds!   So when I was walking through the garden, admiring the beautiful ripe zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and... read more

What is a garden?

Silly question!  Of course we know what a garden is!  But mostly, don’t we think of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs and trees?  Mostly plants?   We all love fresh vegetables! And we admire beautiful flowers! But Dr. Tae Yun Kim, with the example of her own... read more

Self Reflection in the garden

Spring, what a wonderful time!  There is beauty and new life pretty much everywhere you look in the garden; everything is fresh and new!  Dr. Tae Yun Kim encourages us to also use this time to renew ourselves through self reflection.   In walking through the beautiful... read more

Discoveries in the garden

  During today’s stroll through the magnificent spring garden, I couldn’t help but think about Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s words, “Aren’t you just as excited by a wonderful new idea as you are to experience something rare and beautiful in nature? ... read more

The most important time is now!

  Why is the present moment the most important? Most people would argue, that history is important, or the day you got married was the most important, and so on.  Or, the most important day in your life will be when you graduate from college, or receive your... read more

Every Day has it’s own beauty

Where Dr. Tae Yun Kim has her beautiful estate, winter has arrived, and while there is never a lot of snow, it does get very cold.  But let’s take a look at how much beauty nature has to offer even when it is cold!  It’s all in our attitude, Dr. Tae Yun... read more

Celebrate every moment! Always!

As the season turns into fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and after a walk in outdoors and seeing so much beauty, I happened to open Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s newly published book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power, how to break through to awesome” to this page... read more

Every Season has its own Beauty

I personally love all seasons.  It’s wonderful to see to beauty of each, and appreciate the constant changes, as nature moves along its path.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim points out that nature is never confused about what it should do.  It just does, and just knows.  It... read more