I personally love all seasons.  It’s wonderful to see to beauty of each, and appreciate the constant changes, as nature moves along its path.  Dr. Tae Yun Kim points out that nature is never confused about what it should do.  It just does, and just knows.  It doesn’t show any preferences.  

In her book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power, How to Break through to Awesome,” Dr. Tae Yun Kim gives us wisdom for all seasons in our own lives.  Here are some of her beautiful and very helpful words from that book:

“It doesn’t matter what has happened to you before or what choices you have made in the past.  You can decide right now to take control and change the picture of your life.  You can choose to be who you want to be.  You can experience the joy and fulfillment of creating your life anew each day as you go after your goals with the focus, determination, and enthusiasm of an Olympic athlete.”  (page 268)

This energizes and motivates me incredibly!  I can do this!  He can do, she can do, why not me!  I will break through to awesome!