For a moment, the world was inside a raindrop…

Why is the present moment the most important?

Most people would argue, that history is important, or the day you got married was the most important, and so on.  Or, the most important day in your life will be when you graduate from college, or receive your black belt, or whatever.

Granted, those are indeed important markers in our lives. 

And if you look around in the garden, every present moment is the most significant one. 


Dr. Tae Yun Kim explains it like this in her new book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power: How to break through to awesome, “

“The most important event in your life is happening right now.  The most important choice you have is the choice of what you will do with the present moment. You don’t know if you will have a tomorrow, if you will have another year or another thirty years.  The only time you can guarantee is now – the present moment.”