I was so thrilled to be named this year’s Grand Marshal for the 45th anniversary of the LA Korean Festival!  It as the first time ever that a woman was chosen, so it was a very special honor. I loved meeting so many wonderful people embracing our culture and enjoying this festival.

 An event like this always energizes me so much. To see everyone’s creativity and excitement for bettering themselves and others around them. I find it fascinating how contagious this kind of behavior can be.

 Seeing people believe in themselves and creating such amazing performances fills me with so much motivation. Especially the younger generation touched my heart, as they so beautifully live navigated through the different cultures and life styles.

 Creating an environment like this allows people to find their hidden potential that’s been waiting for them their whole life. Living life as your own person is one of the greatest things you can realize about yourself. Realizing you can live your own life in the way you want is much more rewarding.

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