One of my very favorite sayings of Dr. Tae Yun Kim is this:

“Wake up to the little miracles around you right now and appreciate the power of the universal life force!  This is your power we are talking about, and your intelligence.”

Nowhere else is this as tangible as in Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s garden.  There are little miracles around us everywhere!

Dr. Tae Yun Kim goes on to say,

“I am asking you to come out and start appreciating this life force that brought you here!  I am asking you to start honoring the power which is your birthright, and the responsibility you have, to fulfill yourself with this energy.  Yes, it is a responsibility, because when you refuse to be yourself, you cheat the universe out of a part of itself.  You are here now because you have a purpose that is part of the entire universal expression.  To do your part, all you have to do is to just be yourself, your true self, and honor yourself with ,love, support, training, perseverance, and fulfillment.”

And what better example of being true to yourself can we find, than flowers?

Great Dr. Tae Yun Kim explains that they do what they were meant to do, grow, flower, and repeat the cycle.  They never worry about how they look, they don’t worry what will they get as a reward.  They don’t compete with each other, or try to be like another.  They only are what they are meant to be!