Today, let’s take a look at some intensely beautiful roses – and check out what Dr. Tae Yun Kim has to say about beauty and what it is all about:

2013-04-30 08.33.22

“Beauty – like all other ideas such as love, harmony, peace, unity – is also infinite.  That is, beauty can manifest in an infinite number of ways, and have an infinite number of forms.  Right now, where you sit, look around and see in how many places and in how many ways the idea of beauty is manifested. 

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Right now, looking out into my garden, I see beautiful plants.  I see beauty in my home, I see beauty in the eyes of the people I know, in the works of art, in the movement of dancers.  The idea of beauty is all around you in many different forms.  These forms will disappear some time, but the idea of beauty will never pass away.”

(Dr. Tae Yun Kim: The Silent Master, page 60.)

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