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North side

These pictures were taken on the same day, in different places in the garden.  What a perfect example of Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s teachings about the power of the environment!

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West Side
South East

South East Side

Dr. Tae Yun Kim says the following about the power of environment:

One of her students used to drink a lot and hang out in bars regularly.  After he started training, he stopped going to bars and stopped drinking alcohol.  After a couple of months Dr. Tae Yun Kim sent him back to the bar.  He reported back that at first, he felt very uncomfortable and did not fit into the old energy.  But as he sat for a while, and as he was ordering a drink, he started feeling more at home, until the energy of the environment had taken over and now he was feeling completely fine at the bar, just like he did before training.

The student realized how quickly he was overtaken by the powerful energy of the environment he was in, and how quickly he felt so comfortable at the bar.

So, in all we do, whether we choose the right location for a plant, or what restaurant we go to, what house we want to live in, and so on, let us always consider our environment, and choose the best!