Dr.  Tae Yun Kim has a beautiful estate, with over 1,000 rose bushes of all sorts.  But there are many other plants with wonderful flowers as well.

For example, the humble Geraniums.

When I was walking through the garden recently, while admiring all the natural beauty, the following excerpt came to my mind, of Dr. Kim’s book, “The Silent Master:”

“When you begin to see yourself in your natural beauty, you will notice one thing for sure: you are an original. There is no one exactly like you.  You were born with all the unique qualities and capabilities you need to fulfill your own purpose and destiny.” (page 110.)

I love Geraniums because they are so beautiful – they don’t demand much and just keep on growing and flowering in a most spectacular way.


But my most favorite picture is the one below – who would have thought that a simple Geranium could be this dramatic?

2013-05-17 21.50.37

As Dr. Tae Yun Kim would recommend, let us enjoy every kinds of flowers and other plants in the garden – they are all God’s creations!