Since spring has ever so slowly started to make its presence known, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, who likes to prepare food according to its season, surprised us with this amazing treat.

Right away I had to think of Dr. Kim’s Silent Master images:

You are creative energy.

Your thoughts create reality.

This is exactly what happened after Dr. Tae Yun Kim picked beautiful pink flowers and some fresh mugwort in her garden.  She had worked in the garden all afternoon and was ready to move into the kitchen and put her thoughts into reality.

These are delightful little pancakes, with a hint of spring.

They are also surprisingly simple to make. 

Combine sweet rice flour, a pinch of salt and some milk – Dr. Kim prefers either soy milk or almond milk – to get a pancake like batter; drop small rounds into a hot pan or griddle.  Before the top sets, add flower leaves or vegetable leaves in a nice pattern.

Flip over the pancakes until set.  Do not brown these beauties.

Serve and enjoy.  If you really want to do it up, dip in some Maple Syrup for the ultimate in spring time treat experience!