To understand where invisible thoughts come from, you must realize that you have a conscious mine (accessible to your immediate awareness) and a subconscious mind (outside of your immediate awareness).  The prefix “sub” means underneath; so by definition, you have thoughts and feelings “underneath” you conscious mind, which you are not aware of.  You are however, affected by these thoughts and feelings.  Although you are not aware of them, they still operate.

What is your subconscious mind?  It is a storehouse of everything you have experienced –all your thoughts, feelings, memories; all the programming you’ve experience since you were born.  It is like an amazingly accurate video and audio tap recorder of your entire experience.  It is subconscious because your conscious mind was not designed to hold this volume of information.  your conscious mind has a different responsibility:  it processes only the information you need to function in the present moment.  To open a soda can, you don’t need to remember the color of the baby crib you slept in ( which is stashed away in your subconscious).

Fortunately, your conscious mind can “ask” your subconscious mind for information, and the information can suddenly become conscious.  Your conscious mind is similar to the cursor on a computer screen.  It goes where you direct it.  “What was the name of that blond-haired girl I liked in the second grade?”  you many wonder.  While you’re doing the dishes two days later, you suddenly remember.  Or, “Why is it that when I see Tom, I feel like painting?”  You may suddenly become aware that Tom looks exactly like and old friend in your high school art class.  Note that the cursor (your conscious mind) doesn’t need to know the contents of the program or how the computer functions (your total consciousness); its only function is to select and focus.

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