Tae Yun Kim – Seven Steps to Inner Power

More on Subconscious Mind

Sometimes, however, subconscious information is difficult to obtain precisely because you don’t know everything that’s in it.  Remember:  by definition, it’s outside your conscious awareness.  You may not know what information to ask for.  When this... read more

You Have a Conscious and a Subconscious Mind

To understand where invisible thoughts come from, you must realize that you have a conscious mine (accessible to your immediate awareness) and a subconscious mind (outside of your immediate awareness).  The prefix “sub” means underneath; so by definition,... read more

Emotions don’t come out of nowhere

Here is an important point to help you understand your emotions.  Emotions don’t come out of nowhere;  they follow your thoughts.  The positive and negative emotions you feel are a result of an idea your have first.  If you are feeling the emotion of anger, the... read more

Emotions are batteries of power

Emotions contribute tremendous energy in the creative process of transforming thought into form.  Your emotions are your friends when they constructively accompany and support your creative thinking.  They are your enemies when they sabotage and conflict with your... read more

Attitude – lets look a little deeper

Dr. Tae Yun Kim continues… “Note how we can use the word “attitude” almost interchangeably with the phrase “state of mind”.  An attitude is a mental focus and consists of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions ( feelings ), all of which... read more

Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Emotions have creative power – Thus far, we’ve emphasized mental activities occurring in the thinking part of your consciousness.  There is also a feeling part of you, the part of your consciousness that experiences emotion.  Your feelings and emotions... read more

Be aware of thoughts behind your actions

Example – I desire to build a new house. Analysis:  Lets look at other supporting ideas they could manifest. Case 1 – I want a new house because my brother has a better one than I have. Supporting ideas – I’m not valuable in and of myself; my... read more

Be a Responsible Creator

“Because we have such great freedom to create, we must take responsibility to use our power constructively.”  by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim Remember you can have whatever you think.  This holds true for the person plotting to rob a bank.  …... read more